Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Event 12: Break Time Tweets

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)    


Miami John Cernuto tweeted about a big hand before the break:

Had a super live player come with 576000. He's down to 400 and raise 6x. I flat with jax on but.Flop JT2. He bet 155k I went in.

I guess I play bad for shoving with top set, but I plead my case. He had 220000 in a 460K pot. How could he fold for a90k shove. 525000!!

Got one other Tweet during the break:

Ari Engel ‏@realAriEngel
495k going to 10/20k with 44 left in borgata $230. Ave is 375k

Event 12: 46-54th Places - $545

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

Players are going on a ten minute break, and when they return the blinds will be 10,000/20,000/3,000.  The following players cashed in this event for $545:

46. Joseph Lopes (West Creek, NJ)
47. Sean Sandoe (New Holland, PA)
48. Benjamin Lester (Newport News, VA)
49. Kevin Lutz (Bellmawr, NJ)
50. Cory Waaland (Greenville, NC)
51. Gareth Nielsen (Brooklyn, NY)
52. John Meola (Riverdale, NJ)
53. Shervin Golbari (Roslyn Heights, NY)
54. Chun Lo (Flushing, NY)

Event 12: Queens Good for Forca

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Three players were all-in pre-flop.

Joseph Lopes (W Creek, NJ) was the short-stack holding AJ.

Michael Forca (Babylon, NY) was the middle stack holding pocket Queens.

Keith Crowder had them both covered and was holding AK.

The board ran out Ten-high and Michael took both pots.  He chipped up to ~620k.

Keith dopped to ~500k.

Joseph Lopes busted out in 46th place ($545).

End of level and time for a break.

Event 12: It's A Grind

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

Jim Governa (Richboro, PA) was the runner up in Event 10 ($250 + 50 Bounty), and didn't finish heads up play until about 4:15 am this morning.  That clearly didn't deter him from coming back on short rest to play today.  Governa is still alive, but sitting on a stack just under ten big blinds.  On a board of 7♣ 4♠ A♣ 4, Governa called his opponents all-in of 97,000.  His opponent tabled K♣ 4 and Governa was drawing thin with A 8.  Jim could not find one of the remaining two aces, and is now short stacked.

Event 12: Alwan Continues to Dominate

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Kal Alwan

Kal Alwan (Wayne, NJ) continues to dominate his table.  He just picked up another pot, chipping up to ~960k.

Just yesterday Kal finished 24th in Event 8, earning $1,439.

Event 12: 55-63rd Places - $481

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

The following players collecting $481 for their finishes in Event 12:

55. Dejan Ristov (Woodbridge, NJ)
56. Dave Schletter (Succasunna, NJ)
57. Scott Shoyer (Flourtown, PA)
58. Christopher Chapman (Fairfield, PA)
59. Brian Adragna (East Meadow, NY)
60. Timothy McDowell (Windsor, VA)
61. Arnulfo Flores-Juarez (South River, NJ)
62. Raffaele Imperiale (Toms River, NJ)
63. Kenneth Diehl (East Lyme, CT)

Event 12: Level Up

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

The tournament floor has just announced the beginning of Level 21, with blinds increasing to 8,000/16,000/2,000.

Event 12: Montero Doubles Thru Leong

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Guillermo Montero (Long Island, NY) got all-in pre-flop holding pocket Kings.

Chris Leong (Forest Hills, NY) held AK.

Chris Leong & Guillermo Montero

The board came 7 6 3 Q Q and Guillermo doubled up to ~400k.

Chris was left with ~290k.

Event 12: 64-72nd Places - $433

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

The following players cashed in Event 12 for $433:

64. John Mahoney (Summit, NJ)
65. John Duley (Arnold, MD)
66. Jack Franco (Eatontown, NJ)
67. Ricardo Mateo (Passaic, NJ)
68. John Bahia (Staten Island, NY)
69. Deonarine Itwaru (South Ozone Park, NY)
70. Aaron Malinowski (Ballston Lake, NY)
71. Georgia Robinson (Temple Hills, MD)
72. Aaron Pinson (Baltimore, MD)

Event 12: 73-81st Place - $401

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

The following players min cashed in Event 12 for $401:

73. Kyle Penna (Totowa, NJ)
74. Nachman Berlin (Brooklyn, NY)
75. Joseph Inga (Astoria, NY)
76. James Sloat (Fort Meade, MD)
77. Thomas Balla (Carle Place, NY)
78. Anthony Zinno (Boston, MA)
79. Robert Paventi (Brooklyn, NY)
80. Brian Reeve (Severn, MD)
81. Robert Zybura (Freehold, NJ)

Event 12: Up, Up, & Down

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)  

Kal Alwan bet 100k on the river and got his opponent to fold.   With that pot Kal chiped up to 780k and the chip lead.

Joseph Lopes

Joseph Lopes was all-in against two players, who checked down the board of A T 2 8 3.   Joseph held A2 for Aces-up and the other two mucked.  Joe tripled up to ~160k.

Brian Reeve got all-in with AT suited against pocket Tens.  Brian finished 80th for $401.

Blinds up!

Level 20:  Blinds 6k/12k with 2k ante.

Event 12: Money Time

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Play has resumed.  Still in

Level 19: Blinds 5k/10k with 1k ante.

Some time has been added back to the clock to account for the time lost in hand-for-hand play.

Keith Crowder leads with 765k.

Fred Barksdale is second with ~625k.

Kal Alwan has ~600k.

Now it's time to start paying some players!

Event 12: Lubin Bubbles

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

On the river, the board read A 5 4 8 K.

Allan Lubin (Watchung, NJ) held K9 for a pair of Kings, but his opponent held A4 for Aces-up,

Allan busted out in 82nd place, becoming the bubble-boy.

The final 81 players are in the money and now taking a break as the purple 500 chips are colored up.

Event 12: Bubble Watch

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Level 19: Blinds 5k/10k with 1k ante.

Just as the level was going up, the player count hit 82, which means it is bubble-time.

The remaining 9 tables are playing hand-for-hand until one more player busts out.

Then the final 81 will be in the money and guaranteed to earn at least $401.

Keith Crowder still leads with ~660k.

Kal Alwan is second with almost 600k.

Event 12: Better Late Than Never

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Keep those Tweets coming!  #BSPO.

Here are the dinnertime Tweets, just a little late:

Brian Reeve ‏@ravensfutbal
T144000 at dinner break.

kevin benitez ‏@highrisk18
333,500 on dinner break. Coming back to 3k/6k/500 in an hr. About 120 left. #onetime @shakentoucan

Chris Leong ‏@ChrisLeongPoker
AT > KQ then A7 > TT then 77 > A3. 238k at dinner coming back to bb 6k

Cory Waaland ‏@wildwaaland
181k on dinner break coming back to 3k/6k blinds..little over 100 people left I think

Ari Engel ‏@realAriEngel
Borgata $230/100k guarantee payouts.. 130 left atm

James Sloat ‏@mybrmanager 11m
4/8/1K 118/151K ~109 left

Event 12: Quadzilla Takes Crowder to 660k

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

On the turn with a board of 7 5 5 9 with two diamonds, Keith Crowder bet 80k.

His opponent in seat 1 gave it some thought, then called all-in, showing AJ of diamonds for the flush draw with two overcards.

He was drawing dead, however, as Keith held pocket 5s for quadzilla -- a monster hand.

The river was irrelevant and Keith chipped up to 660k and may have claimed the chip lead.

Blinds up!

Level 18:  Blinds 4k/8k with 1k ante.

Event 12: Familiars Still In the Race

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Twelve tables remain active here in the Signature Room with 119 players still in the hunt for the top prize of $36,849.  The average stack is about 139k.

Here are some of the familiar faces still hangin' around:

Allan Lubin
Nachman Berlin
Thi Dang
Joe Neiman
James Governa
Tom Dobrilovic
Thomas Balla
Kal Alwan
Ari Engel
Joseph Lopes
Michael Forca
Ilya Vasserman
Chris Leong
Neville Darrell
Wazir Baksh
Anthony Zinno

Event 8: Back in Action

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Level 17:  Blinds3k/6k with 500 ante.

Play has resumed with 13 tables all in the Signature Room.

Keith Crowder

Keith Crowder (Elkins Park, PA) is up to 430k as of the dinner break and among the chip leaders.

He made the televised final table of the  WPT 2009 Borgata Poker Open Championship, finishing 5th for over $188,000.

Event 12: Numbers Game

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Number of Entries: 826 
Players Remaining:  ~125
Chips in Play:  16.5 million

Big Stack: 500k+ (83 bb)
Average Stack: 132k (22 bb)

Next Blinds:3k/6k/500 ante
Play Resumes: 8:30 pm

Total Buy-In:  $165,200
First Prize:  $36,849
Places Paid: 81
Min Cash: $401

Event 12: Dinner Break Big Stacks

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Thi Dang & Chris Reid

Fred Barksdale official count can't be confirmed until he unseals the bagged chips in the Signature Room.  A couple of new faces are climbing the chip counts in Thi Dang, Chris Reid and Pavel Krapivin.

Name-Chip Count

Fred Barksdale (Philadelphia, PA) 500k+
Keith Crowder (Elkins Park, PA) 430k
Thi Dang (Babylon, NY) 380k
Chris Reid (Somerset, NJ) 350k
Pavel Krapivin (Brooklyn, NY)320k

Event 12: Dinner Break

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

~125 players are on dinner break and the seven Poker Room tables are being moved to the Signature Room.

After stuffing his bag to the gills Fred Barksdale (Philadelphia, PA) says he has more than 500k, but not an exact account as he guesstimated the number.

Barksdale is the unofficial chip leader as players are on break until 8:25 pm.

Event 12: Short Stacks Stay Hungry

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)
Minutes before the dinner break Monty Dennis (Tucker, GA) gets a much needed triple-up when his AK holds against two other players when he hits a King.

Kyle Penna (Totoway, NJ) wins the side pot with 77 to knock out the third player who has 33.

Dennis triples 19k to nearly 60k, while Penna is at 72k, but both are short stacks as the chip average   is 127k (26 bb) with Level 16 (2.5k/5k/500 ante) winding down.

Event 12: Cappuccio Continues Run Good

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

 Joe Cappuccio

Fresh of his 7th place cash in Event 8 ($400 Deep Stack) for $10,871,  Joe Cappuccio (Hammonton, NJ) is continuing to play well. In this event he's up to 240k by picking up small pots with big cards.

"I'm definitely running good," says Cappuccio who adds that he's just back in the states after playing online in Mexico which, "didn't go as planned."

Cappuccio has been posting quality results the last 18 months and it began with his biggest score to date coming in the October 2011 Borgata Deep Stack, a 5th place finish for $21,000.  He then added his first win to the resume for $41,000 in February and nearly $11,000 more this week for career earnings of $140,000.  

Cappuccio and the remaining 160 players are just back from break with an average stack of 103k (21 bb) as blinds are 2,500/5k/500 ante.

This is the last level before the one hour dinner break which begins at 7:25 pm.

Event 12: Barksdale Bounces Back

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Barksdale & Vasserman

After being crippled by Ilya Vasserman (Hungtingdon Valley, PA), Fred Barksdale (Philadelphia, PA) goes on a heater that takes him from 20k to 250k.

After a double-up, Barksdale gets a double knockout with a flush on the river to jump up to 120k, followed by another winning flush for 250k.

Barksdale is a lot more chipper than he was just 20 minutes ago when Ilya took 80% of his stack.

Event 12: Another Four Flush

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

After seeing pocket Queens four flush one player we see another four flush from pocket Kings.

Ilya Vasserman (Huntingdon Valley, PA) and Fred Barksdale (Philadelphia, PA)  are all in on a board of Q3 6

Vasserman: K♠ K(flush draw)
Barksdale: 4 10 (flush)

Turn: 5 (no change)

River: 8

The four flush gives Vasserman a double-up to 175k and leaves Barksdale shaking his head with a 20k starting stack.

Level 14 (1,500/3k/400 ante) is underway.

Event 12: Big Stacks

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Chip Leaders, Bauer & Mathews

Now that the tournament is settling down we've located the big stacks and the chip leaders are in the Poker Room.

Brad Bauer (Egg Harbor Twp., NJ) and K.M. Mathews (White Plains, NY) are both at ~260k (108 bb). Meanwhile in the Signature Room it's Ari Eng (Brooklyn, NY) and Mike Matrone (Morganville, NJ) with ~230k.

As the tables in the Poker Room condense, the field will eventually merge into the Signature Room to play for the $36,849 top prize.

Currently 27 table remain with the average chip count at 61k; blinds 1,200/2,400/300 ante.

Event 12: Queens Drawing Slim, Flushes Opponent

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

We pick up the action with three players all in:

Rich Lipson (Feasterville, PA): KQ
Tom Pallogudis (Yonkers, NY): QQ
Player X: AA

With Pallogudis dominated and one of his Queens in play, he gets a miracle with running spades to win the hand with a Queen high flush.

Pallogudis gets a double-up through the anonymous player while sending Lipson to the rail.

Level 12 (1k/2k/300 ante) is in the books and players are on a 15 minute break.

Event 12: $230 Big Stack NLH Payouts

Event 12: $200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em
April 10, 2013

Entries:  826
Total Buy-in: $165,200

1:          $36,849
2:          $21,473
3:          $13,140
4:          $10,816
5:            $8,813
6:            $7,211
7:            $5,769
8:            $4,327
9:            $3,045
10 - 12:  $2,003
13 - 15:  $1,442
16 - 18:    $945
19 - 27:    $801
28 - 36:    $689
37 - 45:    $609
46 - 54:    $545
55 -63:     $481
64 - 72:    $433
73 - 81:    $401

Event 12: Smashing Success

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Borgata poker players continue to show their loyalty by helping smash another guarantee. This time the $100,000 Guarantee is surpassed with more than 800 players in the field setting the total buy-in at over $160,000.

The final head count and prize pool is being verified and processed.

Right now ~350 players remain with an average stack of 47k (24 bb) as blinds are 1k/2k/300 ante.

Event 12: Tales of the Tweet

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Bustouts are fast and furious, but things will slow a bit as levels are now 30 minutes long. Here's a look at some recent tweets.

Brian Reeve ‏@ravensfutbal
Got up to 36k then JJ < 10 10 of Cathy Dever. She shoved on my preflop raise for 15k. Not fair when pros run that good. T20400 at 1200 bb

James Sloat ‏@mybrmanager 
800/1600/200 ~160/20K 30 min lvls now

Event 11 Recap

$450 + $50 H.O.R.S.E.

There was a dead heat in heads up HORSE play between Jason Rivkin (Eatontown, NJ) and Kevin Nettles (Pottstown, PA) until Rivkin hit his stride and cruised to the win.  The pivotal hand came in Stud H/L when he hit the wheel on the river for a scoop that flipped the chip counts and gave Rivkin a 2:1 lead.

"That's what I've been going for," said Rivkin about his first Borgata trophy while winning $8,207. "This (HORSE) suits my strengths."

After the scoop it was all downhill for Nettles who gave up the last of chips in Omaha when Rivkin won with a pair of 4s holding A 5♣ 4 J♠.  "Just say he ran like God and was the best player," said Nettles, who took home $5,129.

Rivkin's good run came earlier at the final table in the Limit round when he flopped a set of 7s to crack P. Gordon's pocket aces.  Gordon finished in 4th place ($2,257) and it was just the start for Rivkin.

"I was beaten twice on the river," says Bill Celtnieks who sent his chips to Rivkin to finish in third place. "He won six out of seven hands, it was unreal."

"Mixed games are the first games I ever played," said the 25-year-old Rivkin. "Most older players assume I'm a No Limit kid giving mixed games a shot, so I have a built in advantage.

Day 2 began with 5 players going after the total buy-in of $21,156 as the returning players were in the money including Ming Reslock who finished 5th.

The field featured many dedicated, hard core HORSE players including WSOP bracelet winners Chris Reslock, "Miami" John Cernuto and Charlie Brahmi.  Borgata Trophy winners who played included Ilya Dyment, Phil Neiman, Glenn Engelbert, "Grandpa" Jay Zimmet and Bill "Bumperino" Munley.

But among all the war horses, it's a young buck who galloped first to the finish line.  After the tournament Rivkin dedicated the win to his 84-year-old grandfather Charles whose birthday was Tuesday.

Final Results

Entries: 47
Total Buy-In: $21,156


1st Jason Rivkin (Eatontown, NJ) $8,207
2nd Kevin Nettles (Pottstown, PA) $5,129
3rd Bill Celtnieks (Wilmington, DE) $3,077
4th P. Gordon (Hoboken, NJ) $2,257
5th Ming Reslock (Atlantic City, NJ) $1,846


Event 11 Winner - Rivkin

$450 + $50 H.O.R.S.E.

Jason Rivkin (Eatontown, NJ) 

Jason Rivkin defeats Kevin Nettles heads up for his first Borgata trophy win.

On the final hand Rivkin's holding A 5♣ 4 J♠ in Omaha and wins with a pair of 4s.

"This is for my grandfather who had his birthday yesterday and I forgot to call," says Rivkin about the 84-year-old Charles Rivkin.  "But this will make up for it. He's like my father I love him."

Rivkin is a 25-year-old professional player who now has 9 of his 25 career cashes at Borgata.

As winner Jason Rivkin earns $8,207 to go along with the trophy and the title.

Event 11: 2nd Place - Nettles

$450 + $50 H.O.R.S.E.

Kevin Nettles (Pottstown, PA) 

Kevin Nettles finishes runner-up to Jason Rivkin after their heads up battle.

The key hand came in Stud H/L when Rivkin hit the wheel on 7th street to flip the chip lead into his favor.

"Just say he ran like God and was the best player," says Nettles who hustles out of the Poker Room.

This is Nettles highest Borgata finish after finishing 5th in this event during the 2012 Borgata Poker Open in September.

Kevin Nettles earns $5,129 for his second place finish.

Event 11: Rivkin Siezing Control

$450 + $50 H.O.R.S.E.

 Nettles (left) Checks the Board vs Rivkin

Jason Rivkin now has 550k (19 big bets) to 170k (6 bb) chip lead over Kevin Nettles, the limits are now 15k/30k.

Event 12: Missone Wins Unbelievable Hand With Ace-High

$200+$30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-entry)

An extremely interesting hand just played out at Table 1. One so odd long-time pro Dwyte Pilgrim is certain he has never seen anything like it.

Things began when Daniel Voccia shipped from the cutoff, Freddy Alesi called for less from the button, Sameer Bhalla called from the big blind and Jacques Missone called for less from under the gun.

The hands:

Voccia: 95♣
Alesi: 108
Bhalla: K♣J
Misonne: A♣9♣

The board: Q6♠36♣7♠

Much to the table's astonishment - amid a lot of laughter- the Ace-high of Missone won the pot and he chipped up to about 68,000. What makes the hand even more interesting is none of the players appeared to have to much faith in their hand to begin with and were simply planning to re-enter.

"I was the last to call but there were so many chips in the pot, I figured I wouldn't win but I would just re-enter," Misonne said. "I'm not very proud of that hand."

"I've never seen a hand like that," Pilgrim said. Given the number of tournaments Pilgrim plays in, that is saying something.

"I knew he was shoving with nothing, so I shoved with nothing," Alesi said laughing.

Pilgrim couldn't control his laughter, saying "He knew his nothing was better than his (Vossia) nothing."

On a side note, Gaiane Petrossian had been dealt pocket eights, but folded from middle position when action got to her. She would have knocked out three players and scooped the entire pot had she stayed in the hand.
Jacques Missone

Event 12: Crowder Rolling, Linster Rolls In

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

A couple of Borgata trophy holders are on opposite ends of the spectrum through the first 8 levels of the tournament.

Keith Crowder (Elkins Park, PA) is up to 130k after calling two all-in hands with middle pair to get the knockouts.  "They weren't easy calls," says Crowder who won his title in the $700 NL Event of the 2010 Borgata Spring Poker Open.

Meanwhile Mike Linster (Levittown, NY) just rolled into Borgata during Level 6 and is playing his first event of the series.  "I'm already in for three (bullets)", laughs Linster, "I'm capping it at six," as he sits with a fresh 20k stack.

Linster had one of the more improbable Borgata runs during the Winter Poker Open when he won two titles, had a runner-up finish and another cash in a five day period.  The total haul was for $94,000.

Linster and Crowder are two of Borgata's good guys with each having more than $450,000 in career live tournament earnings.

Players are on a 15 minute color-up break, this the last chance for players to get into the tournament.

Player Profile: Antonio Payne

Antonio Payne

Antonio Payne has been playing poker for the last 15 to 20 years by his own estimate, but it wasn't until 2011 the American Airlines crew chief and wedding and sports photography business owner from Hazlet, New Jersey took his game to a serious level.

Had it been up to Payne, he might never had made the jump in to the world of professional poker, but his friends gave him the needed shove forward.

“I had been playing in home games but a lot of my friends were pushing me to play on a bigger stage,” Payne said. “I had the skill but it was about time and money. I eventually decided pursue it and started playing a lot more.”

Starting out at 1/2 No Limit Hold'em and $100 buy-in tournaments at Ballys and the Taj Mahal, Payne soon migrated over to the Borgata.

He earned over $70,000 his first year playing seriously and earned his first live tournament win during the summer of 2012 when he took down the $235 Rio Daily Deepstack No Limit Hold’em in Las Vegas for $34,401.

“That was a big hit for me,” Payne said. “That was the day after I busted the Main Event (2012 World Series of Poker). So it was my worst day and my best day back to back.”

Payne was introduced to Lee Childs, owner of Inside the Minds, a professional poker training company and began taking the offered courses.

“His training really helped me a lot,” Payne said. “I had a lot of people, Jason Young and Matt Glantz, who were all very helpful in the training. I really learned a lot from them and I started playing more tournaments. And that was a smart thing to do because, although my game was good, no matter how good you are you are always looking for that edge.

Payne said Childs and his company guided him in the right direction and he will be forever grateful for that.

“I think I’m older than him, but Lee is really like a father figure to me,” he said.

Payne was so successful right out of the gate, he was approached by Blue Shark Optics, the official eye-wear of the WSOP,  last August to be a member of their professional representatives team along with poker pros Jonathan Little, Humberto Brenes and 2003 WSOP Main Event champion Chris Moneymaker.

“I’ve been part of their team for last seven or eight months and that has been really nice for me,” Payne said of the honor. “It has opened a lot of doors for me as far as exposure.”

With his wife of 26 years and his two sons, 24 and 17, by  his side Payne said the sky is the limit when it comes to his professional poke future. And he for certain wants to earn the respect of those who came before him.

“There are a lot of grinders here every day, I might play a lot but these guys are here everyday and it is their job and I really respect what they do in this forum. They paved the way for me and I know my place in the game,” Payne said of the regulars he often plays alongside.

Event 12: Last Level for Registration / Re-Entry

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

The day is moving quickly and we're on Level 8 (400/800/75) the last level to fire bullets before registration closes.

There are a ton of familiar faces in the field including those who cashed late last night/early this morning.

Kori Hunter (Ellicott City, MD), Lyle Diamond (Brick, NJ) and David Heck (Colts Neck, NJ) all picked up money in Event 10 ($250 Double Green Chip Bounty) and are looking for their piece of the $100,000 Guaranteed prize pool.

Also in the field is Neville Darrell (Bermuda) who knocks out a player with trip Kings against his opponent's pocket 9s.  Darrell cashed in Event 10 ($400 Deep Stack).

Event 10 winner Paul Spitzberg (Tenafly, NJ), who earned $68,888, is taking the day off from tournament action and is playing a cash game in the High Limit area of the Poker Room.

There are so many notables in the field that we're "not able" to list them all!

Event 11: Dead Heat

$450 + $50 H.O.R.S.E.

The final two players are nearly dead even in chips.

Kevin Nettles (Pottstown, PA) 355k
Jason Rivkin (Eatontown, NJ) 350k

Nettles and Rivkin each have 15 big bets with limits moving to 12k/24k.

Event 11: 3rd Place - Celtnieks

$450 + $50 H.O.R.S.E.

Bill Celtnieks (Wilmington, DE) 

Bill Celtnieks goes from chip leader to 3rd place finisher in one level as the big bets of 10k/20k are starting to take their toll.

Celtnieks sends the last of chips to Jason Rivkin while playing Razz when his Jack is beaten by 7-low.

"I was beaten twice on the river in Limit," says Celniek who is a safety engineer. "At least that's what I think. The way the hands played out it makes the most sense."

Celtniek finishes in third place for $3,077.

Rivkin is now heads up with Kevin Nettles who has the chip lead 425k to 280k.

Event 12: Blinds Up

$200+$30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-entry)

Level 6 is just beginning. Blinds are up 200/400 with a 50 ante.

Event 12: 648 and Counting

$200+$30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-entry)

The field in Event 12 has swelled to 648 players and that number is only going to grow. Level 5 is currently playing out and registration is open through the break at the end of Level 8.

Shouts of 'all-in and a call' and 'seat open' can be heard through-out the room as players bust. Many have re-entered.

Official prize pool and pay out information will be available soon after registration closes.

Event 11: 4th Place - Gordon

$450 + $50 H.O.R.S.E.

P. Gordon (Hoboken, NJ) 

P. Gordon hits a rough patch and busts when Jason Rivkin flops a set of 7s vs Gordon's pocket aces for the rest of his chips.

Gordon was crippled in the earlier round of Stud H/L when Bill Celtniek scoops with an 8-7 for the low and picked up a Queen on 7th street for a pair of Queens.

"That was a killer," says Gordon who works in a New Jersey Parks & Rec. Department.

Gordon finishes in 4th place for $2,257.

Rivkin is now the chip leader with 280k, while Celtniek drops to 220k after cresting at 350k after scooping Gordon.

Event 12: Break Time Bawlers

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

A couple of players share their hard luck stories while on their first break of the day.

Dave Clarke (Basking Ridge, NJ) isn't afraid to tell his tale of how Laura Church (Wykoff, NJ) cracked his aces for a 75k chip pot.

"Don't tell that," says Church, "it's embarrassing."

On a board of 2 3 4, Clarke bets 5k thinking, "I'm happy to take what's out there." he says while holding AA, "and she snap jams 40k without even thinking about it."

Clarke eventually calls and is against Church's pocket 6s.  After a brick on the turn, a 5 hits the river giving Church the winning 6-high straight.

Both players are in good spirits after the hand as Clarke re-enters and Church is sitting on 75k.

Tony "OG" Shurilla (Lower Longswamp Twp., PA) isn't as chipper after busting with two flopped sets.

First Shurilla's KK is beaten by QQ which hits Broadway on the river  Then he flops a set of 4s against the same player's set of 7s. "It's not like I played bad,"  says Shurilla, "I guess I'll go re-enter."

The first four levels are in the books with play resuming at Level 5 (150/300/25 ante).

Event 11: 5th Place - Reslock

$450 + $50 H.O.R.S.E. 

Ming "Joy" Reslock (Atlantic City, NJ)

Returning short stack Ming "Joy" Reslock is out after being crippled on the first hand. Playing Razz, Reslock has 8 low in her first five cards, but Kevin Nettles beats her with 7 low even though he's showing K J 5 7 before hitting his winner on 7th street.

"What are you going to do," says Reslock, who is the wife of WSOP Bracelet holder Chris Reslock, who failed to make the final table.

Ming Reslock may not have the family hardware, but is no slouch with three tournament titles and nearly $225,000 in career earnings.

"I've got to go home and take care of my baby," gushes Reslock who sheepishly admits, her "baby" is 9-year-old Donald.

Ming Reslock earns $1,846 for her 5th place finish.

Event 11: Five for Fighting, Day 2 Restart

$450 + $50 H.O.R.S.E.

 Final Table

The final five players return for their piece of the more than $20,000 prize pool.

Bill Celtnieks (Wilmington, DE) is the chip leader with 234 (15 big bets) with limits resuming at 8k/16k.

Here's what's at stake:

Prize Pool

Entries: 47
Total Buy-In: $21,156


1st $8,207
2nd $5,129
3rd $3,077
4th $2,257
5th $1,846

Event 12: First Hand Fireworks

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Players aren't shy about putting their chips in the middle on the first hand of the tournament.

Dwyte Pilgrim (Brooklyn, NY) re-enters after he loses flush over flush, while on another table Josh Supsak (New York, NY) gets the first hand double-up with two pairs vs one pair.

The affordable price tag of $230 and the unlimited re-entries means chips are flying early and often.

****12:52 Update****

Pilgrim gets a double-up after re-entering when he hits a straight on the river.  His opponent, who loses the hand with top pair and is left with 1k, says, "what are you going to do, re-enter."

Event 12: Poker Attitude

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Lots of familiar faces are in the field including 2012 Borgata Poker Open back-to-back trophy winner Brian O'Donoghue (Bayside, NY) who has right mindset.

A look at some early tweets.

James Sloat ‏@mybrmanager
@mybrmanager Table 6 Seat 9 | Doesn't that make me a winner :-)

aMinuteWithMitch ‏@MitchMonet
Shipping this borgata 100k like it aint a damn thang

Brian Reeve ‏@ravensfutbal
Same starting chair as 500k and green chip bounty, 3 out of 5 played in same seat and HORSE was in the poker room. Got Cathy Dever again

Event 12: $100,000 GUARANTEED

$200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

The third guaranteed prize pool of the Borgata Spring Poker Open is underway and seats are filling fast in both the Signature Room and Poker Room.

Players begin with 20k in chips and levels start at 25 minutes each (Levels 11+ / 30 min. each).

This is a one day tournament with registration and re-entry open for the first eight levels.

After going over various instructions, including the always popular cell phone rule, Tournament Director Tab Duchateau says the magic words, "shuffle up and deal!"     


Wednesday, April 10

TODAY'S EVENTS (The Signature Room | Poker Room) 

11AM: Event 12 - $200 + $30 Big Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)
             $100,000 GUARANTEED
  • Players start with 20,000 in tournament chips 
  • Levels 1-10:  will last 25 minutes each | Levels 11+: will last 30 minutes each  
  • Players may Re-Enter through Level 8 
  • 1-Day event  

4 PM: Event 38 - $200 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty SURVIVOR NLH (Re-Entry)
  • Players start with 12,000 in tournament chips 
  • This is a Bounty tournament.  Players must have their Bounty chips clearly displayed on table in order to remain active in tournament.
  • Levels will last 25 minutes each 
  • Approximately 1 in 10 will win $2,000 CASH
  • 1-Day event
7 PM: Event 39 - $150 + $30 + $20 Yellow Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry) 
  • Players start with 12,000 in tournament chips 
  • This is a Bounty tournament.  Players must have their Bounty chip clearly displayed on table in order to remain active in tournament.
  • Levels will last 20 minutes each 
  • Players may Re-Enter through Level 7 
  • 1-Day event

Event 10: Recap

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Yuechang You (North Brunswick, NJ) has gone eight years playing poker tournaments without winning a heads up battle.   He has many cashes to his name, and has chopped tournaments a handful of time, but today would be the first tournament he has ever won straight out.  You takes home $16,788 for his efforts, and was immediately on the phone with his friends telling them of his successful day/night.  Jim Governa (Richboro, PA) began the heads-up play with about a 3:2 chip lead, but would lose a crucial hand that would cripple him.  The loss may sting for a short while, but collecting $9,892 may lessen to blow.

You was trending upwards throughout the day, but really used a key hand against Anna Khait (Brooklyn, NY), where he would push himself over the 1,000,000 chip mark.  Yuechang called Khait's all-in (blind v. blind), and his A Q would take down the pot against the K J of Khait.  You would take that stack to heads up play, and turn a straight while Governa used that same turn to make two pair.  The money all got it right there, and Yuechang would leave Jim with less than 700,000.

This event drew 221 entries with a total buy-in of $61,820.  27 players would end up getting paid in the event, including Kori Hunter (25th - $540), Nancy Martin (18th - $600), and David Heck (15th - $660).

The final table started off slow, as only player was lost in the first hour or so.  As the early morning hours approached, the pace of play was fast and furious.

Yuechang You had played poker for a living, before deciding to become a dealer.  He said that decision truly saved his life, and also brought up his father in discussion after winning.  You's father passed away this past December (only days after his birthday), and he got chocked up talking about him.  There was a sense of accomplishment that Yuechang was feeling, like he had made his late father proud.  You will be back for some later events in this series, including the Borgata Spring Open Main Event.


Event 10: 1st Place - You ($16,788)

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Chang You (North Brunswick, NJ)
Event 10 Winner - $16,788

Event 10: 2nd Place - Governa ($9,892)

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Jim Governa (Richboro, PA)
2nd Place - $9,892

Event 10: Gin For You

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Fireworks right away heads up, as we run over to the table as an all-in and a call is announced.  The board is 9 7 4 10, and it's a perfect turn card for Chang You.  Governa had turned top and bottom (10 4), while that same card that gave Governa two pair happened to give Chang You a straight (6 8).  You doubles up to over 4,000,000, and put Governa in a 4:1 heads up deficit.

Event 10: Heads-Up For The Trophy

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Governa and You Battle It Out

Event 10: 3rd Place - Malinowski ($5,696)

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Aaron Malinowski (Saratoga Springs, NY)
3rd Place - $5,696

It took only a couple of hands before we went from three-handed to heads up play.  Aaron Malinowski shoved from the small blind (~900,000), and was instantly called by Jim Governa.  Governa tabled 9 9 and would be up agains the J 5 (off) of Malinowski.  Governa never gave up the lead, and ended the hand on the turn with he hit a set of nines.

Event 8 Recap

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Paul Spitzberg is a veteran poker player at 67 years young, but proved he could hang with the young guns at this final table.  He claimed top honors and $68,888 and his first Borgata Open Series trophy.  Jeff Papola was hoping to claim his third Borgata Open title here tonight, but came up short, finishing second for $40,575.

Spitzberg held the chip lead for a good portion of day two and carried that lead to the final table.  When third place finisher Tom Gleason busted Borgata regular Miguel Borrero in 6th place, Gleason usurped Spitzberg's lead by a nose. Spitzberg reclaimed the lead when his AT won a huge flip against Gleason's pocket 9s with four players remaining.

Jeff Papola took the lead with three players remaining and then dispatched Tom Gleason in third place ($24,498).  It looked like Jeff had the title sewn up when he had pocket Kings and Spitzberg was all-in holding K8 of spades on a flop of Q 7 5 with one spade.  Then running spades gave Spitzberg the back-door flush, a huge double-up, and the chip lead once again.

The final hand was a race between Papola's AT and Spitzberg's pocket 5s.  Papola got no help from the board and it was over.

This event drew 902 entries over two starting days for total buy-ins of $315,700.  Day two began with 175 surviving players, but only the final 90 would get paid.  With 93 players remaining they were approaching a break.  Three players busted out just before the break, so upon returning, the final 90 players learned they were in the money without any hand-for-hand play.

Paul Spitzberg played day 1B on Monday, April 8th, which was his 67th birthday and only entered once.  He says he went card dead after level four on day one and limped into day two with only 95k (101st out of 175 returning players).

Then today Spitzberg had pocket Aces five times and they held up.  Once he was all-in with AA against KK and QQ -- and his Aces held up, tripling him up.  He also cracked pocket Aces a couple of times, once when his pocket 4s flopped a set.

Paul Spitzberg won a Deep Stack Double Play event here at Borgata in August 2012 for nearly $40k, but until tonight, he had never won a Borgata Open Series event.  Today, he gave himself a $68,888 birthday present and the shiny new Borgata Open trophy is the icing on his cake.

Final Table Results
1 - Paul Spitzberg (Tenafly, NJ)  $68,888
2 - Jeff Papola (Monmouth Beach, NJ)  $40,575
3 - Tom Gleason (Blackwood, NJ)  $24,498
4 - Alex Smith (Highland Park, NJ)  $20,517
5 - Samuel Tucker (Odenton, MD)  $16,843
6 - Miguel Borrero (Jersey City, NJ)  $13,627
7 - Joe Cappuccio (Hammonton, NJ)  $10,871
8 - Dionysuis Bass (Yonkers, NY)  $8,268
9 - Alex Vargas (Lodi, NJ)  $5,665
10 - Anh Le (Mullica Hill, NJ)  $3,675


Event 10: Three-Handed Chip Counts

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Jim Governa - 1,800,000
Chang You - 2,900,000
Aaron Malinowski - 1,000,000

Event 10: 4th Place - Peselev ($4,617)

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Gennadiy Peselev (Glenmont, NY)
4th Place - $4,617

Event 10: Levels Up, Blinds Soaring

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Level 29 has just begun, and the blinds are now 40,000/80,000/5,000.

Event 10: 5th Place - Marcus ($3,598)

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Casey Marcus (New York, NY)
5th Place - $3,598

Event 10: 6th Place - Khait

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Anna Khait (Brooklyn, NY)
6th Place - $2,998

With the blinds so large comparative to stacks, Anna's then 700,000 stack was just a little over ten big blinds.  Chang You opened in the small blind to 140,000 (blinds 30,000/60,000), and Khait three-bet shoved.  You called, and it was the A Q (off) of You against the K J (off) of Khait.  After the flop of A 7 8, things looked pretty bleak for Khait.  She did end up turning a gut-shot draw, but bricked the river and would be sent home in 6th place.

Anna is playing for herself (of course), but has a really great cause that fuels her desire to win as well.  Anna (along with two others), are trying to raise money in order to fund their own "no-kill" animal shelter.  The story of animal shelters and animals being euthanized is one that is not fully told, and Khait's trying to educate others while helping these animals.  10% of her winnings today, along with 10% of another anonymous player's action will be going towards her goal.  You can find out all about Anna's cause, and learn more at her website:

Event 10: 7th Place - Funston

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Lance Funston (Philadelphia, PA)
7th Place - $2,399

Event 8: 1st Place - Spitzberg

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)     

Paul Spitzberg (Tenafly, NJ)

Paul Spitzberg won a Deep Stack Double Play event here at Borgata in August 2012 for nearly $40k, but until tonight, he had never won a Borgata Open Series event.

Now the professional poker player has a Borgata Spring Open trophy to add to his poker accolades, and $68,888 to add to his lifetime earnings of over $344,000.

Paul has some business to take care of with his patented poker game 'Position Poker', but he'll be back at Borgata for the main event.

Event 10: Blinds Up, Level Up

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

The tournament floor has just announced the beginning of Level 28, with blinds increasing to 30,000/60,000/5,000.  With seven players remaining, the big stacks are currently Jim Governa (1,100,000) and Anna Khait (900,000).

Anna used a key triple up with J J only ten hands ago, and has shown some recent activity since acquiring those chips.

Event 8: 2nd Place - Papola

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)     

Jeff Papola (Monmouth Beach, NJ)

Jeff Papola got all-in holding AT against the pocket 5s of Paul Spitzberg.

The board came J 7 2 K 5 and it is over!

Jeff Papola finished in 2nd place, earning $40,575.

The professional poker player already has two Borgata Open titles to go with his WSOP bracelet, and was close to winning his third here tonight, but came up short. 

Event 8: Spitzberg Doubles

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)     

On a flop of Q♣7♣5♠, Paul Spitzberg got all-in for his last 4.815 million.

Jeff Papola had him covered and beat with pocket Kings.

Paul had K♠8♠.

Then the last two fell 6♠4♠ giving Paul the back-door flush and the double up to 12.3 million.

That makes Paul the chip leader again, leaving Jeff with ~10.2 million.

"I'm tired...I just wanted it to be over" Paul said.  

Event 10: 8th Place - Corona ($1,799)

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Adrian Corona (Queens, NY)
8th Place - $1,799

Event 8: Chop It Up!

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)    

Jeff Papola called from the button and Paul Spitzberg raised another 800k on top from the big blind.

Jeff made the call and the flop came K Q 4.

Paul bet 1.3 million and Jeff called.

Turn was a 5 and Paul announced he was all-in.  Jeff called.

Paul held KJ for a pair of Kings.  Jeff had KT for the same pair with weaker kicker. 

It looked like Paul was headed for a double-up, but then...

River was another 4, pairing the board, resulting in a chopped pot!

Paul was left with ~6.4 million.

Event 10: 9th Place - Ainsley

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Terry Ainsworth (Uniontown, PA)
9th Place - $1,199

Event 11: Bag The Chips, Come BAck Tomorrow

$450 + $50 H.O.R.S.E.  

Play has ended for the night after Roland Isrealishvilli (New York, NY) busted on the bubble.  The remaining players are in the money, and have bagged chips for tomorrow's conclusion (to re-start at 12:00 pm):

Bill Celtnieks - 234,000
Paul Gordon - 173,000
Kevin Nettles - 157,000
Jason Rivkin - 105,000
Ming Reslock - 47,000

Event 8: Heads-Up Continues

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)    

The final two players are trading pots back and forth, without any fireworks.

Then Paul Spitzberg opened for 620k on the button.

Jeff Papola three-bet to 1.7 million straight from the big blind.

Paul called.

On the flop of K 5 3 with two hearts, Jeff announced he was all-in.

"You win." said Paul, as he mucked his hand.

Paul dropped to ~ 8 million.  Jeff had ~14.5 million.

Event 10: Final Table

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Event 10 has reached a final table with the elimination of Roman Kolcian as the 10th place finisher. Kevin Gugliotta was the eleventh place finisher.

Final table seat assignments:

  1. Adrian Corona
  2. Jim Governa
  3. Lance Funston
  4. Gennadiy Peselev
  5. Casey Marcus
  6. Chang You
  7. Anna Khait
  8. Terry Ainsley
  9. Aaron Malinowski

Event 8: 3rd Place - Gleason

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)    

Tom Gleason (Blackwood, NJ)

Jeff Papola opened for 400k on the button.

Tom Gleason shoved from the small blind for ~3.7 million.

Jeff called.

Tom held A4 suited.  Jeff held KQ suited.

The board came Q J 6 9 T giving Jeff the King-high straight and the pot.

Tom busted out in 3rd place for $24,498.  The professional poker player was shooting for his second Borgata Open title today, but came up short.  He won the $200 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH event during the 2012 Borgata Summer Poker Open, good for $12,550.

Heads-up play began with Jeff Papola holding ~13 million to Paul Spitzberg's 9.5 million.

Blinds up!

Level 34:  Blinds 120k/240k with 30k ante.

Event 8: Papola Extends Lead

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)    

Jeff Papola (sb) raised to 450k and Tom Gleason (bb) called.

Flop was J 5 6 rainbow. 

Jeff fired 400k and Tom called.

Turn was a King.

Jeff fired 750k and Tom called.

River was a Ten.

Jeff fired 1.25 million.  After some thought, Tom called.

Jeff showed K8 for a pair if Kings.  Tom mucked.

Jeff chipped up to ~9.8 million.

Tom dropped to 6.3 million.

Paul Spitzberg has ~6.4 million.

Three-handed play continues.

Event 8: Gleason Doubles

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

Tom Gleason was all-in or 3.145 million holding T9 suited.

Paul Spitzberg looked him up with AJ.

The board came J J 8 4 Q and Tom caught a straight to double up.

Blinds up!

Level 33:  Blinds 100k/200k with 30k ante.

Approximate chip counts:

Jeff Papola - 8 million
Tom Gleason - 7.1 million
Paul Spitzberg - 7 million

Event 10: Late Night Re-Cap

$220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Event 10: $220 + $30 + $50 Double Green Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry) saw 281 entrants before the re-entry period officially ended for the night. As of now 11 still remain.

The final 27 took home a piece of the $59,966 prize pool. The min-cashes walked away with $540 and the eventual winner add $16,788 to his or her bankroll.

The unfortunate distinction of being the stone bubble went to Baraba Kutz, who ran her A♣6♣ into Kevin Gugliotta's K♥10♠ on a 6♦5♥4♠7♠2♥ boad.

After Kutz made her exit it didn't take long for the short stacks to start shoving and collecting up small pieces of the prize pool. Peter Thron was the first player to cash, quickly followed by Quynh Phu and Kori Hunter.

Roman Valerstein, Ryan Eriquezzo, Travell Thomas and Jordan Ludwick were among the players to hit the rail. Dwyte Pigrim scooped up his 81st career cash at the 2013 Borgata Spring Poker Open a few days ago, but cash number 82 did come from Event 10 as Pilgrim was eliminated not long after the dinner break.


12. Frank Dire - $780
13. Ricardo Figueroa - $660
14. Joseph Foreman - $660
15. David Heck - $660
16. Ryan Meyers - $660
17. John Howard - $600
18. Nancy Martin - $600
19. Radu Panfil - $540
20. Daniel Gein - $540
21. Sanjeev Datta - $540
22. Hector Dominquez - $540
23. Lyle Diamond - $540
24. Manuel Correa - $540
25. Kori Hunter - $540
26. Quynh Phu - $540
27. Peter Thron - $540

Event 8: 4th Place - Smith

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)   

Alex Smith (Highland Park, NJ)

Jeff Papola was all-in pre-flop holding pocket 3s.

Alex Smith looked him up with AJ.

The board came K 8 7 Q K and Jeff's pair was good for the huge double-up.  He's up to ~8.4 million.

Alex was left with ~700k.  He shoved on the next hand and Paul Spitzberg (bb) called the extra 355k.

Alex - Q6
Paul - T3

Board - A K 2 Q 4

Alex doubled up, but busted out soon after in 4th place ($20,517).

Event 8: Late Night Re-Cap

$350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

The final table of Event 8: $350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) is currently playing out.

Paul Spitzberg, Jeff Papola and Tom Gleason are all that remain.

Paul Spitzberg

The official final table was set with the elimination of Anh Le, who earned $3,675 for his near final table finish.

First to go from the final table was Alex Vargas and following Vargas to the rail was Dionysius Bass. The two players walked away with $5,665 and $8,268 respectively. Joe Cappucio picked up a seventh place finish for $10,871. Miguel Borrero was the sixth place finisher for $13,625 and Samuel Tucker went out in fifth for $16,843. Alex Smith walked away with a fourth place finish and $20,517.

Alan Kraut, Nathan Tuthill and Kal Alwan all had in the money finishes. Hoah Minh Nguyen had his eyes set on a second Spring Poker Open win - Nguyen won Event 3 a few days ago - but was eliminated as the 19th place finisher for $1,439.

Event 8: $350 + $50 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) Final Table Results:

  1. TBD - S68,888
  2. TBD - $40575
  3. TBD - $24,498
  4. Alex Smith - $20,517
  5. Samuel Tucker - $16,843
  6. Miguel Borrero - $13,627
  7. Joe Cappucio - $10,871
  8. Dionysuis Bass - $8,268
  9. Alex Vargas - $5,665

Event 11: Dyment Sent Home, On The Bubble

$450 + $50 H.O.R.S.E.  

Ilya Dyment (Brooklyn, NY) has just been eliminated by good friend Jason Rivkin.  Players we in the hold'em round of the tournament, and Dyment's A 4 was in bad shape against the J J of Rivkin.  Dyment was all-in before we even saw a flop, and he could not manage to find any help.  After the next elimination, we will be in the money.