Sunday, April 7, 2013

Event 6: Family Home Game

$500 + $60 + $100 Big Stack Black Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

Cathy & John

The husband and wife tandem of Cathy & John Dever (Ephrata, PA) are finishing this tournament the way they started, side-by-side.

Cathy began the final table as the chip leader, while John was one of the short stacks. On Day 1 the two were at the same starting table.

"We only played one hand together," said Cathy who bet John off a hand after she flopped a set.

The table broke after a few hours and they hadn't played together again until tangling at the final table.

John is at risk for 215k when he moves all in with Cathy and Jerry Maher already in the pot for Maher's raise of 27k.  Jerry gets out of the way to watch a potential Family Feud, but Cathy quickly folds A Q face up and says, "I can't call with that."

The table erupts with opinions and Cathy's quick to add, "if he had less I would've called."

Cathy's the more accomplished player with 15 career tournament cashes, but admits she plays
a lot more than her husband. John only has two career cashes, but it includes winning a WSOP Circuit Ring.

While John stays in Lancaster County, PA and focuses on his dental practice, Cathy is a Borgata regular. More than half her cashes have come here including her best career finish of 6th place for $18,000 during the 2012 December Deep Stack Double Play.

And while they don't play together often, the Dever's would love to make this run last as long as possible.

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