Sunday, April 7, 2013

Event 6: 14th Place - Konrad

 $500 + $60 + $100 Big Stack Black Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)

 Greg Konrad (New York, NY) 

Blinds 4k/8k/1k ante

Greg Konrad raises the button and gets calls from Cathy Dever (SB) and Scott Matte (BB) in the blinds.

Flop: 7 Q K 

Dever leads out for 20k, Matte calls, Konrad moves all in for 155k total.
Dever calls, Matte tank folds.

Dever: Q 3 (pair of Queens, flush draw)
Konrad: K♠ Q♠ (two pairs)

Turn: A♣

As the dealer burns and turns Konrad says, "no heart," but the poker Gods aren't listening.

River: 6

Dever wins the hand with a flush and takes her stack to 800k.

Konrad finishes in 14th place for $1,312.

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