Saturday, April 6, 2013

Event 4 Recap

$350 + $50 Deep Stack Semi-Turbo NLH

Will 'the Thrill' Failla accomplished something here today no one else ever has -- he won his fourth Borgata Open Series title.  That's in addition to the $23,954 in prize money.  Only six people have won three Open titles and today Failla separated himself from that pack and stepped into Borgata Poker history.

Another professional poker player and Borgata regular, Phong 'VIP' Nguyen, finished second, earning $14,116.  This is Nguyen's second cash in two events.  He played event 1 and finished in 28th place, earning $2,905, and plans to return for event 6 and go for three in a row.

Jose Reyes, owner of a delivery service in New York, delivered himself a third place finish and $8,128, proving he could hold his own against the professionals.

The final table of this event was jam-packed with Borgata tournament regulars:  Grace Sun, Mike Dentale, and Bob Hwang joined Failla and Nguyen when the final table was formed.
The final table action began with the elimination of Sun and play continued quickly from there. Jermaine Reed was the next to go, followed by Mohamed Radwan.  Rosalind Dunmore was the seventh place finisher after being crippled in a pot with Nguyen.

Dentale was the next to go when he moved all-in in the dark for 150k with JT offsuit and was called by 'Action' Bob Hwang with K9 suited.  Dentale turned a Ten to take the lead but a King on the river gave Hwang the winning hand and Dentale was out.  Michael Muller soon followed in fifth and Hwang busted out in fourth.

A grand total of 252 entrants sat down for this event today at 11 am bringing total buy-ins to $88,200.  The final 27 players earned a cut of the action.  Among those were Dwyte Pilgrim, who picked up his 81st career live tournament cash when he finished in 13th and Robert "Rizzi" Aronowitz, who picked up his second cash of the Spring Poker Open in as many days.

"This is my house.  I love it here.  It's a great feeling to win this here.  I love everybody here" Failla said while savoring his victory.  Surprisingly, he was not planning to play this event.  He was packed and headed home, but ran into tournament director Tab Duchateau, who encouraged him to play since this was only a one day event.

Failla is now headed to Florida for the WPT event, but will be back for the Borgata Spring Open Championship event. 

Final Table Results
1 - Will Failla (Smithtown, NY)  $23,954
2 - Phong Nguyen (Fairfax, VA)  $14,116
3 - Jose Reyes (Maspeth, NY)  $8,128
4 - Action Bob Hwang (Barnegat, NJ)  $6,588
5 - Michael Muller (Caldwell, NJ)  $5,133
6 - Mike Dentale (Brooklyn, NY)  $4,278
7 - Rosalind Dunmore (Bermuda)  $3,422
8 - Mohamed Radwan (Carteret, NJ)  $2,567
9 - Jermaine Reid (Bronx, NY)  $1,711
10 - Grace Sun (Merrick, NY)  $1,112


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