Saturday, April 20, 2013

Event 23 Recap

$170 + $30 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry) 

Joe Melo came out on top of the field of 251 enrants to claim the final trophy of the 2013 Borgata Spring Poker Open, along with $11,588 in prize money.  David DeNoon, who is a runner training for the New York marathon, was the 'runner-up' tonight, finishing second for $6,828.

Renata Colache emerged as the chip leader after about six and a half hours of play when her pocket Kings held up to bust a player with pocket Queens.  She held the chip lead from that point all the way to the final table.  It wasn't until DeNoon busted 6th place finisher Rob Barbosa that he took the chip lead away from her.  Colache ended up finishing 4th for $3,186.

The final trophy event of 2013 Borgata Spring Poker Open drew 251 entrants.  Total buy-ins came to $42,670.  Only the final 27 players got paid.

There were several players in this event who were near the top of the Leaderboard that tried to get some points to move up.

Larry Wolf (Annapolis, MD), Asher Conniff (Brooklyn, NY) and Lyle Diamond (Brick, NJ) were in13th, 14th and 15th places respectively on the leaderboard.  They will all get participation points, but none of them made the money.

Wazir Baksh (Queens Village, NY) was third on the leaderboard and took a shot to move up into second place ahead of Jeff Papola, but he was also eliminated short of the money.

Joe Melo had the largest (and only) rooting section at the final table when play wrapped up at about 4:30am.  His brother and mother were here rooting him on the whole way.

His younger brother, Nick Melo, also played in this event.  Nick finished in 24th place for $373.  When I asked who was the better poker player, Joe replied "Look who's got the trophy."  

Final Table Results
1 - Joe Melo (Staten Island, NY)  $11,588
2 - David DeNoon (Jersey City, NJ)  $6,828
3 - Jorge Rivera (Manahawkin, NJ)  $3,931
4-  Renata Colache (Clayton, NJ)  $3,186
5 - William Sheridan (Lake Grove, NY)  $2,483
6 - Rob Barbosa (Long Branch, NJ)  $2,070 
7 - A. Nonymous (Staten Island, NY)  $1,656
8 - Chris Bourassa (Leesburg, VA)  $1,242
9 - Jeanette Sims (Alexandria, VA)  $828
10 -  Mark Taranto (Annapolis, MD)  $538


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