Friday, April 19, 2013

Event 23: Critical Action

$170 + $30 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Players are getting testy and those on the end of bad beats aren't taking them very well and are critical of their opponent's play.

After Rand Marsden (Sewell, NJ) raises preflop, his opponent comes over the top for 24k more and and is all in; Marsden calls.

Marsden: K 9
Opponent: Kx Qx

There are two diamonds on the first four cards and when the 10 hits the river for a flush the busted player loses his cool and says, "get the (blank) out of here," and storms from the table.

"Bad call," says one player, "nice catch."

Marsden, who is now at 200k, explains that he had the chips and the pot odds to call. 

On another table we see a three-way all in after a flop of 10 3 5.

Mike Brown (Toms River, NJ) tables J 10 and is against pocket Queens and a flush draw.

The board goes 10 10 and Brown hits quads to triple-up to 160k.

"Play bad and get rewarded," says the player with QQ who is knocked down to 80k.

"Jack-Ten has to be good," says the unsub (aka unknown subject) under his breath.

On a brighter note, Robert DeStefano (Franklin Square, NY) asks, "can I tell my girlfriend I love her on the blog?"

To help clear the negative vibes in the Poker Room, Robert says, "I love you," to Stephanie.

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