Friday, April 19, 2013

Event 23: Blogger Curse / Blogger Blessing

$170 + $30 Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-Entry)

Two players we featured early in the blog are in the hand of the tournament up to this point.

On a board of 2 2 10, Romaine Lewis (Bridgeton, NJ) and Renata Colache (Clayton, NJ) are both all in, each with more than 160k. They're waiting to see if a fourth player wants to join the three-way all in party, but the player eventually folds.

When Lewis and Colache are told only one can be part of the alleged "blogger curse", Lewis says, "I'm cursed," as he flips over QQ to Colache's KK.

The third all-in player has A 10 and when the board runs clean for Colache she gets a double knockout.

"That's for Damian," she says about her birthday boy while organizing her stack which is now more than 400k (200 bb). Lewis is stunned, but is reluctant to admit that having his photo taken for the blog was the reason for his demise.

After not having a clear cut chip leader, Colache, who also had her picture taken, is well in front of the field. 100 players remain with an average stack of 63k (32 bb) with blinds at 1k/2k/300 ante.

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