Friday, April 19, 2013

Event 22: Double, Double

$200 + $30 + $100 Big Stack Black Chip Bounty NLH (Re-Entry)  

Three players limped to a flop of 7 6 5 with two clubs.  The blinds checked and Franklin Pierce (utg) bet 80k.

Rizzi Aronoqitz jammed from the small blind, then Jeremy Brown jammed from the big.

Franklin folded, later saying he had pocket Jacks.

Jeremy - 83 of clubs for the flush draw with open-ender
Rizzi - KT of clubs for a better flush draw and two overs.

The last two were running Kings giving Rizzi trips and the pot.  He doubled up to ~800k.

Level 24:  Blinds 15k/30k with 4k ante.

On a flop of Q Q J, Jeremy Brown (sb) checked.  Franklin Pierce (bb) jammed.  Jeremy called.

Jeremy - J9
Franklin - AA

The last two came K A sending the double-up to Franklin, who's up to ~850k.

Still four players.

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