Sunday, April 14, 2013

Event 15 Recap

$600 + $60 WFAN Deep Stack No Limit Hold'em (Re-entry)

The never ending tournament finally concluded with Dave Novak (Philadelphia, PA) outlasting the other six players who seemed like they wanted to play all night.

On the final hand Hovak defeated Steve Scales (Red Bank, NJ) when he flopped the nut flush with K♠T♠ vs Scales pair of Aces while holding A♣J♠.  Novak wins the title, trophy and $41,064 prize for first.

The quick finish to heads up play was a stark contrast to the marathon session that preceded it.  After returning from dinner break, the remaining players traded chips for the next three hours until Dean Burkhammer was eliminated in 7th place.

There was another ninety minute span of short stacks doubling until Chris Leong's elimination in 6th place opened the flood gates. Mei Siu (5th) and start of the day chip leader Joey Melendez (4th) were next to go as there were three knockouts in twenty minutes.

It was only a short time later that Novak knocked out Ralph Massey in third place followed by his heads up win over Scales.

The tournament began with 252 entries and featured WFAN hosts Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton who were both eliminated in the first hour of the tournament.  The rest of the field chased the total buy-ins of $151,200 and 33 players remained at the end of Day 1.

That meant six players would miss the money on Saturday's Day 2 restart and included Borgata regulars Joe Liberta and Tony Campagna who was the stone bubble in 28th place.

Of the 27 players who made the money, many were familiar faces including Jerry Payne (12th), Dan Voccia (15th), Sean Wallace (18th) and a bevy of players who scored a min cash of $1,320. The list included Alex Queen (19th), Ryan Eriquezzo (23rd), Roland Israelashvili (24th), Tony Behbahani (25th) and Alik Sitnyakovsky (26th).

But once the final table was hit, the deep structure and one hour long levels slowed the pace. Alex Dadoyan (10th) and Joe Brand (9th) busted before Patti Cahill's 8th place knockout just before dinner at 7:25 pm was the last one until midnight and just one knockout over the next five hours of play.

The win was well worth the wait for Novak who picks up his second final table of the series after a 6th place finish in Event 2 ($400 Black Chip Bounty).

Final Table Results

1st Dave Novak (Philadelphia, PA) $41,064
2nd Steve Scales (Red Bank, NJ) $24,200
3rd Ralph Massey (Chicago, IL) $13,933
4th Joey Melendez (Easton, PA) $11,293
5th Mei Siu (New York, NY) $8,800
6th Chris Leong (New York, NY) $7,333
7th Dean Burkhammer (Weston, WV) $5,867
8th Patti Cahill (Port Jefferson Station, NY) $4,400
9th Joe Brand (Fairlawn, NJ) $2,933
10th Alex Dadoyan (Secaucus, NJ) $1,907

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