Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Event 11 Recap

$450 + $50 H.O.R.S.E.

There was a dead heat in heads up HORSE play between Jason Rivkin (Eatontown, NJ) and Kevin Nettles (Pottstown, PA) until Rivkin hit his stride and cruised to the win.  The pivotal hand came in Stud H/L when he hit the wheel on the river for a scoop that flipped the chip counts and gave Rivkin a 2:1 lead.

"That's what I've been going for," said Rivkin about his first Borgata trophy while winning $8,207. "This (HORSE) suits my strengths."

After the scoop it was all downhill for Nettles who gave up the last of chips in Omaha when Rivkin won with a pair of 4s holding A 5♣ 4 J♠.  "Just say he ran like God and was the best player," said Nettles, who took home $5,129.

Rivkin's good run came earlier at the final table in the Limit round when he flopped a set of 7s to crack P. Gordon's pocket aces.  Gordon finished in 4th place ($2,257) and it was just the start for Rivkin.

"I was beaten twice on the river," says Bill Celtnieks who sent his chips to Rivkin to finish in third place. "He won six out of seven hands, it was unreal."

"Mixed games are the first games I ever played," said the 25-year-old Rivkin. "Most older players assume I'm a No Limit kid giving mixed games a shot, so I have a built in advantage.

Day 2 began with 5 players going after the total buy-in of $21,156 as the returning players were in the money including Ming Reslock who finished 5th.

The field featured many dedicated, hard core HORSE players including WSOP bracelet winners Chris Reslock, "Miami" John Cernuto and Charlie Brahmi.  Borgata Trophy winners who played included Ilya Dyment, Phil Neiman, Glenn Engelbert, "Grandpa" Jay Zimmet and Bill "Bumperino" Munley.

But among all the war horses, it's a young buck who galloped first to the finish line.  After the tournament Rivkin dedicated the win to his 84-year-old grandfather Charles whose birthday was Tuesday.

Final Results

Entries: 47
Total Buy-In: $21,156


1st Jason Rivkin (Eatontown, NJ) $8,207
2nd Kevin Nettles (Pottstown, PA) $5,129
3rd Bill Celtnieks (Wilmington, DE) $3,077
4th P. Gordon (Hoboken, NJ) $2,257
5th Ming Reslock (Atlantic City, NJ) $1,846


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