Thursday, April 18, 2013

Championship: Super Tuan Chips Up to 2.1 Million

$2,500 + $200 Borgata Spring Poker Open Championship NLH 

Blinds 8k/16k/3k ante

Michael Gagliano opens UTG to 32k
Ketan Pandya calls
Kenny "Super Tuan" Nguyen makes it 110k from the BB
Gagliano folds
Pandya 4-bets to 257k (535k behind)
Nguyen moves all in and has Pandya covered

"Show me if I fold," asks Pandya.

"If you ask, you know I always fold," answers Nguyen.

After a few minutes Pandya folds and waves off Nguyen from showing.

"You don't want me to put you on tilt," says Nguyen as he takes his stack to 2.1 million.

"You know I have it," he adds. "I'm not putting a million chips in with nothing."

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