Monday, April 15, 2013

Championship: More Signature Tables

$2,500 + $200 Borgata Spring Poker Open Championship NLH   

Table 24 has broken, so these players were scattered throughout the room:

Nick Salimbene
Danny Warchol
Lara Eisenberg
Mike Linster

These tables are still intact, but now that registration has closed, tables will begin to break faster:

Table 19
Mirsad Kovaci
Jared Jaffee
Ari Engel
Allie Prescott

Table 20
Kyle Bowker
Orson Young

Table 21
Mickey Woll
Joe Pitti

Table 22
Joe Wertz
Russ Dykshteyn
Cliff Josephy
VIP Nguyen

Table 23
Jason Andrews
Todd Terry
Jose Cayetano de la Rosa
Jason Deutsch

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