Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Championship: Fight for Featured Table

$2,500 + $200 Borgata Spring Poker Open Championship NLH 

Silberstein Requesting a Seat Change

We expect tough table draws as the field thins, but Tables 1 and 2 are ridiculously difficult with more than 25 tables remaining.

Ken Silberstein (Edison, NJ) is hoping for a reprieve and brought his own seat change chip, but the only way off these tables is to be eliminated which is the lesser of two evils. 

Without going into all the gory details here's a snap shot of the two tables fighting for "Featured Table" designation, but the early advantage is to Table 1.

 Table 1


1 Cherish Andrews
2 Will Failla
3 Mike Lydon
4 Ken Silberstein
5 Darren Elias
6 Chris Reslock
7 Roland Israelashvili
8 Taylor Von Kriegenbergh
9 Chris Leong

 Table 2


1 Eric Faranda 
2 Cliff Josephy
3 Doug Klevitz
4 Joe Wertz
5 Todd Terry
6 Peter Malkoun
7 Kelly Holes
8 Gordon Eng
9 -Empty-

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