Thursday, April 18, 2013

Championship: 12th Place - Brand

$2,500 + $200 Borgata Spring Poker Open Championship NLH 

Joe Brand (Fairlawn, NJ) 
Blinds 12k/24k/4k ante

Joe Brand raises from the SB to 50k and Bobby Oboodi calls from the BB.
Flop: 10♠ 4♣ 6

Brand bets 75k, Oboodi makes it 160k, Brand is all in for 500k, Oboodi snap calls.

Oboodi: 10 4♠ (two pairs)
Brand: A♣ A  

Turn: 4 (Oboodi full house)

River: Q

Oboodi wins the hand with 4s full of 10s and takes his stack to 1.7 million.

Brandy is out in 12th place, earning $15,696.

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